Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinars

This last weekend I was able to listen to two webinars from Classroom 2.0 LIVE. These webinars were hosted by Steve Hargadon. Within these webinars I was able to have a look into a seminar online. That's what a webinar is after all, these sessions were an hour-long and the hosts were real people who would be chatting with you online. There was a sign in and join sessions within the web session, the listeners were not only able to listen but interact with the speaker. With the tech. gadgets like back channel chat and the starburst clicker I was able to see the interactive part first hand. There were so many technology and online gadgets used throughout the webinars. Here are my guesses: Perhaps a program like Jing was used to record their session, so viewers like me could listen in on a later date. There was also talk of back channel chat where listeners could type there responses to the speaker. I am familuar with a back channel chat from my first semester of ED Tech.&Design. Also a poll taken of the listeners and their feedback was recorded by use of the gadget "starburst" no not the sweet tangy candy but a device to record responses from the crowd. When I went to the Education Conference last year I went to a session where each individual was given a star burst which resembles a remote control which is wireless connected to the computer system to record responses to questions and compile the data on screen. Very CooL!
The webinar I listened to was called; Screen cast and Chris was the speaker. During the original Live session Chris was in Thailand or London one of those cities/countries any who he was performing a live Skype session with the rest of the viewers. Just another example of technology advances.
Whenever I think of Skype and all the advances "We" have made, it blows my mind. In 1962 the television show The Jetson's made 50 years ago predicted in the future we have tv screens pop up and we would be able to talk to someone else who is far away or within the same city. Now I am just waiting for the flying cars and the teleportation devices. You know I take that back, I would settle for self driving cars, so I could sleep and relax the 5 hour drive home to my friends in Rockford IL.  Technology has come a long way since I was in school, the microphones used in classrooms so each student can hear instructions clearly and the disuse and re-create of the Over Head projector into Elmo Smart boards. The clicker and starburst programs that allow teachers to view all the students' participation monitored by the computer signals. That way the student's number will be recorded so the teacher will know which student they need to watch over next time. All advances I've witnessed since my time in school.
With these webinars, teachers, adults and students have been able to stay up to date on all the programs available for classroom use. Here are some online programs and websites I have learned about just this year alone:
Google SketchUp 
These are just the Start and I am sure I will continue to learn about more interesting technology gadgets as I like to refer to them. These gadgets are growing and giving us more opportunities to do more Learning and Creating. If the creators of The Jetsons got Skype right 50 years later I can only wait in anticipation for the creations and creativity we will have in the 50 years, I hope it's a Flying Car! ;) 

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  1. Rachel,

    I totally had the same thought about Skype when I first heard about it. I used to love the Jetsons, and they were always talking to each other through their television screens (or whatever futuristic name they called the contraption), and I always wondered if we would ever get to use something like that. Then, ta-da, Skype was born! I use Skype all the time to talk to my cousins in England, and when my boyfriend goes to Germany in a week, it will be my life saver!