Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Let's Blabb the World News

One thing most people know about me is I like to talk. At work sometimes I am too much of a social butterfly and talk too much but I call that good customer service. Anywho my friends and I from The Middle JAAR have created a BLABB using is a free website that allows you to upload a photo, and create a mouth on the photo to talk through. It's simply, free and easy. We were encouraged to Blabb from Team Gelastic, So the Middle JAAR created a newscast based off current events we collected.
Here is our Blabb to the World!
 I would most definitely use Blabberize in my future classroom, I could see this as a funny way to introduce directions or encourage a group project. It is so easy to use, I'll let my students use Blabberize as a fun way to Blabb to the Classroom!

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