Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Lost Falcon

"Far far above the clouds against the setting sun. A falcon flies all alone soaring in the wind, riding the silent wind, the falcon flies alone reaching up with his wings into the empty sky.What is it within my heart no one can ever know, a lonely falcon within the empty sky." 
Sadness and Tears fill my heart, Sunday April 15, 2012: a fifteen year old boy died. Carson Vandeventer was a freshman at Valley Southwoods High School. Even though I only met him a few times, when we did talk to me he was someone to remember. When we talked he would look you straight in the eyes and actually talk to you, you know form a conversation and when you are the newest boyfriend of my little sister that to me said something. Although things did not work out between Carson and my sister, I still know those two were very close friends. His death leaves her and his family with a piece of their world as empty as the sky. Carson Fly High! You are missed and your presence within our lives is being felt even now within me. Since I have received the news, my heart aches for you; you were too young to have left so suddenly. There is this song originally from (Studio Ghibli but Disney owns the rights within the U.S.) the movie Tales of the Earthsea; Teru's Song these words came into my head since the news of your death. Some of them are above in first sentences. Carson you were like a young falcon who has just learned to fly, you were just getting ready to explore those skies and the rest of the world. Now your friends and family search the shies for you. Carson, my heart cries for you as well as your family. Knowing my sister is in so much pain, her tears as well as mine are all for you. I know you are watching over everyone now from the skies in Heaven. You are missed but you will never be forgotten;
Rest in Peace Carson Venderventer <3

Sadness and tears fill my heart
when you're young the world seems
so big but without someone like you      
it is still missing something. We are sad
to think you left. My thoughts and prayers
are with you and your family Carson Vandeventer

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