Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rachel Listens/Creates a Podcast

Transition from 8th into High School is something every teenager has to go through but fortunately we have taken it upon ourselves to give knowledge and advise to those nervous 8th graders. For our CCA class

The Middle JAAR's podcast answers fears and questions 8th graders have before they transition into 9th grade. Our goal is to help 8th graders become better prepared for the transition to high school. Being a freshman can be a bit intimidating so we have interviewed real high school students who share with us some stories about their times in high school. These high school students shared some "things they wish they knew before"and they give some good advise on how to get involved and make friends.

Plus we bust a few myth involving high school, unfortunately it is nothing like in the movies or on TV.

Our podcast is filled with tons of good information with almost everything incoming freshman need to survive high school. Making friends, getting involved, study tips and myths about scary seniors and mean teachers. Our podcast is educational as well as entertaining. We decided to do the theme of the podcast as a newscast report. We made our podcast on the computer program Garageband which is available on the Mac computer systems. We then uploaded the finished podcast on Podbean.com. If you would like to check our page at rachelbergez.podbean.com/

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