Friday, April 27, 2012

The Middle JAAR's Final PBL

We salute to our veterans! They are the brave who fight for everyone but who will fight for them? As the Middle JAAR's final PBL project we would like to bring people's attentions towards homeless veterans. Some American military veterans are experiencing many hardships since returning home from their tours of duty. Many are without jobs, struggling to find food, and are homeless. Our group’s goal is to inform everyone of the challenges our heroes are facing day-to-day.  So our Final Project Based Learning Project we were introducing our students to a real world problem and allow them to see differences anyone can do. 
So our Essential Question: How can you make a difference in a homeless veterans life? 
Our Lesson Question: Why should we make a difference in a homeless veterans life?
Our Learning Activity: Our learning activity is based on a real life problem, homelessness, and not just any homeless person but a veteran living out on the street. We want to help our students understand the importance of helping out in different way in their community. We want to help formulate opinions and responses to issues by helping them understand the influence they can make on a person or event. Each student has a right and responsibility as a citizen while understanding the importance of volunteering to achieve public goals in the American Society. The learning goal is to spark ideas of how to help homeless veterans and why it is important to give aid and assistance as an individual. Many students do not understand what it would be like in someones else's shoes until they are confronted with the seriousness and realness of many people's reality.
So the answer to raise awareness for these veterans was to introduce our students to the free picture editing online website called Using this website our students would choose a relief program already set up to help homeless veterans and create a poster supporting their chosen program. 
Our Lesson Plan along with resources and explanations can be found within this Google Document. HERE 

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