Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rachel meets Glogster

Today in Classroom Computer Applications; Working On It'
 The main goal of the overall lesson was being aware words matter. Kindness is free and if you are willing give kind words, you do affect others. After I read over the RWLD's for this lesson, I read about how words matter and that people take others words to heart and it can change their whole mood. I went on Facebook after reading the RWLD's and my friend Larissa wrote on her FB that someone told her she has a nice smile. Whoever said that to her, made her happy. So happy that her entire mood changed and so shared her happiness on Facebook. (True Story) So I was able to see the effects of words and how they can affect others.
So the group then introduced me to Glogger.com  I have never heard of Glogger but since using it. I love it! It is so easy to use and fun to create. Glogster.com is a website that allows you to be creative and make posters online. You can create a mash up of pictures, music and videos for any occasion. Glogster is free and easy to use. Teachers and students can use Glogster in the classroom or for school projects or even for fun. I could see myself using Glogster so much in the classroom but I could also see myself using this for holidays and birthdays. You are able to create anything for any purpose.

This is my first creation on Glogster. I tried to make a Happy Fun, Brighten up your Day kind of Glogster

Splash a little Color in your Life! 


  1. I really liked your glogger. The colors definitely make it bright and fun. I also like the sayings you have on it. They are very short and simple, but also carry a lot of meaning.

  2. Rachel,

    Fun Glog! It really catches your eye when you look at it, so much color it just draws you in. My favorite quote is the "just keep swimming" one, very cute.