Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Middle JAAR uses Collabrative Tools

The Middle JAAR is the newest group I have joined recently. It is a collection of my classmates from CCA, we are known as the Middle JAAR because we each hope to teach in the middle school levels like junior high school. Just so everyone knows what's going on in the my UNI classroom life. Our group is awesome!
The Middle JAAR
 Members of the Middle JAAR are
Jenna Devens
Adam Hinrichsen
Amber Epperson
Rachel Bergez
Our first project we all had to complete together, is Collaborative Group Projects but we were not allowed to communicate to one another face to face. We decided to use the Social Network of FaceBook to communicate with each other. This being our first project together we were all introduced to this a few new ways to incorporate technology in group projects. Not only using FaceBook more than a social tool but a communication tool used for more than fun. We also used Google Forms as a way to create the survey and a new program called Jing. Jing is this awesome program that is free and easy to use. Jing allows you to snap a picture or capture a video of any document or presentations on your computer. It also allows you to record your voice, so you can explain in your own words about a slideshow, survey or video with your own commentary. Using these new computer- based technologies we created a survey about Colors and Moods. I think we got this idea from unique Adam's name plate. It's an awesome concept because if your think about our associations with Colors and Moods. Colors shades can be universal or cultural, for example Yellow could mean Happiness, Blue is Sad and so on. There are so many different Color Meanings, I suppose people create their own, so using this thought we created a survey to find out if our moods reflected our color choices for deciding our wardrobe choices. Overall it was a new experience for me, I never could have believed how hard no face to face communication was and through it all we did it!I am really excited and I look forward to getting to know the people in my group better. I was surprised at well we were able to complete this project without talking to each other, so I am eager to get to know everyone in person.

If you are interested in finding out about more about Color and Moods,
Meaning of Colors
Mood Ring Color Chart 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CCA Classroom Expectations

This semester I am taking Classroom Computer Applications with Mr. Z. I have had a previous class with Mr. Z and I will be anxiously awaiting some really cool projects my class will be discussing. But before we cane get to those really fun and cool projects this semester. We have to do two things; first we have to introduce and get to know one another in class. Second we have to lay down some framework for classroom rules and expectations. Not just for Me being a student but for Mr. Z the teacher.  
We must Learn, Play and Grow Together! 

Well, we already have the first thing out of the way, each member in class made really cool and interesting presentations about themselves. Some people made really awesome video's, some created colorful slideshows, while others brought in objects of clothing or articles from their everyday life and shared them with the class. I felt that through these presentations, I was given an opportunity to get a jump start to learn, play and grow with these new classmates this semester. 

The second part is laying down a framework for Our classroom. The expectations given to me are simply to every student eager to a typical class but this is no typical classroom. Therefore the expectations are familiar but different. Expectations for a student like Me are similar to expectations I have for a Teacher like Mr. Z.
I will be expected to come to every class on time and weekly. If I can ever not make it to class, I will let the Teacher know ahead of time. I would also expect the Teacher to be there and if there is a reason they can not make it, an email that class is canceled would be greatly appreciated. And Mr. Z if there is a day when you don't feel well, Momenti! Just feel free to cancel class! =) I will also complete every class assignment within the desired time frame. So I would also expect to have those assignments graded within a desired time frame.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rachel Creates

So guess what?! For my education tech. class I had to make a digital story. The whole project was totally awesome! I loved it, I might be a little bias but everyone should check it out. Making this video has opened my creativity and I made another video, So far I am on a roll. Anyway like an hour ago I was able to witness the incredible. My friend Riley, who is also in Ed Tech turned in her video and reflection with a time stamp of 9:59:53 with 7 seconds to spare she submitted her video and I was able to witness it. I told her I would blog about it because I was so impressed the way she kept her cool, in a way I admired her staying calm, I could never do that.
So like I was saying, the digital story was awesome, there are 5 steps in creating a digital story. The first one, coming up with a script. That wasn't too hard, I enjoy creating stories. In my video; Life Under the Sea. There is a Sorcerer who casts a spell on three friends so they can see what it would be like to live under the sea. The second step was creating a story board. I was able to plan and create colorful drawn images and put them into a sequence of frames. The third step, Creating the video, I took still images aka pictures, video clips and audio recording to create this video.Which brings me to the fourth step, Editing and developing the video, I used the program We Video which is a movie editing software the allows users to edit and share their videos with anyone and everyone by the use of "the Cloud". This was my first time, creating a video so naturally I wanted to look amazing! I had like 5-6 versions made but I finally uploaded the video easily to YouTube which was the fifth and final step.
This video was due as an assignment which got docked points for little things like pictures and time but overall I am a proud producer and director of this video. So you will probably be seeing more of my videos in the future!

So here is another video; I recently created with some of my Jennie House Roomies!
Our Dorm was having a music video competition and my Friends and I thought "Why Not?!"
For the past couple of weeks there have been two songs that have been circling around our hallway. Now I thought it was just a Hagemann thing but last week I found some girls from my CCA class playing these songs. One Direction's That's What Makes you Beautiful" and Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe"
I'm sure you have heard of them if not I suggest you do, well No Worries you will hear them in our video!
Oh yeah, Did I forget to mention this video was the winning video....Woot to the Jennie Ladies!
I dedicate this post to my UNI girls; Molly Wallie, Emily Dotts, Julia and Brittany.
This What We Do When We are Bored....